Live BHL-Europe system, with distributed storage and management and appropriate tools for the continued development of services and ingress of multilingual content

(22 May 2012)

The aim of this document is to describe the final BHL-Europe system, with components of this document aimed at the users of the BHL-Europe system; including information covering the use of the BHL-Europe Pre-Ingest tool  by Content Providers, and tutorial information covering the BHL-Europe Portal. The remainder of the document concerns specific implementation details for the system components deployed for the final BHL-Europe system.
Deliverable number    D3.9 

Illustrated book on best practice guidelines and standards

(18 May 2012)

This document gives an overview of the preparation and main goals of the illustrated book on best practice guidelines and standards, prepared in cooperation with Melita Birthälmer (MfN) and Michaela Hierschläger (LANDOE) WP2. The book is published in Outcomes/Publications.
Deliverable number    D5.11  
Delivery date                 18 May 2012

BHL-Europe multimedia presentation, final version

(11 May 2012)

This document gives an overview of the preparation and end results of multimedia presentations to inform the general public about the project.
Deliverable number    D5.10   
Delivery date                 11 May 2012
Status                               Final

Final Report

(18 May 2012)

BHL-Europe project final report.
Deliverable number    D1.12   
Delivery date                 18 May 2012
Status                               Final
Author(s)                        Henning Scholz

Report on the improvement and implementation of OCR techniques

(18 May 2012)

The optical character recognition (OCR) is a very essential step towards a taxonomic intelligent search within the BHL-Europe Portal. This document is focusing on mprovement and implementation of OCR techniques.
Delivery date                 18 May 2012
Status                               Final

Delivery of the final revised best practice guidelines and standards

(30 April 2012)

These Best Practice Guidelines and Standards aim to provide the first standardised guidelines for processes used by the Biodiversity Heritage Library for Europe for the digitisation of biodiversity texts.
Deliverable number    D2.9    
Delivery date                 30 April 2012

Second user evaluation report

(15 May 2012)

This document subscribes the portal evaluation process.
Deliverable number    D5.9    
Delivery date                 15 May 2012
Status                               Final

Sustainability policy for continuation of BHL-Europe services e.g. hosting, future development, helpdesk provision for service users/content providers, etc.

(02 May 2012)

This document is intended to articulate the commitments of the partners to sustaining and maintaining the core deliverables, implied cost/effort and timescales.
Deliverable number    D3.8    
Delivery date                 02 May 2012
Status                               Final

Business plan for long-term sustainability & Implementation of results of BHL-Europe in other projects

(30 April 2012)

This is the further development on the first overview business plan for a sustainable BHL-Europe service beyond the Best Practice Network of the EC eContentplus programme after 30 April 2012.
Deliverable number    D1.9, D1.10    
Delivery date                 30 April 2012