Nantucket sleigh ride

Case study number: 0002
Case study provider: Thomas Garnett, Smithsonian Institution Libraries.
Case study title:
Nantucket sleigh ride
Falmouth Public Library, Massachusetts, Donna Burgess
Massachusetts, USA
To find the correct name of Nantucket sleigh ride, upper jaw in a sperm-whale
She looked up the word Nantucket sleigh ride in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) with no success. However she did find an unusual entry under “sleigh”: The bone of the upper jaw in a sperm-whale.” Than tried BHL website, but for Marine Mammals of North America there was no result. However a search for C. M. Scammon revealed the author’s full name, “Charles Melville Scammon!” //The Marine Mammals of North-Western Coast of North America// includes the reference to the term sleigh on page 75. So you don’t have to take the boat to Nantucket to see their copy, you can just see it online or check out one of the reproductions available in CLAMS. We are still researching the connection (if there is one) between Charles Melville Scammon & Herman Melville. We will keep you posted!