BHL-Europe General and Workgroup Meeting

The BHL-Europe Meeting took place in the National Museum, Prague, and meetings were held in both museum buildings. This was a contractual meeting followed by an important series of workshops marking the end of the consensusbuilding phase of the project.

On Sunday 15 November, BHL development priotities where discussed in the New building of the National Museum. The full series of meetings began on Monday, 16 November, attended by 42 delegates representing most project partners. The morning session consisted of reports on each project work package and the eliverables for month 6. In the afternoon Lizzy Komen reported about developments in Europeana, and Tom Garnett and Chris Freeland gave a presentation on current BHL developments in the United States of America. On Tuesday, 17 November 2009 there were workshops in two parallel sessions on architecture, content and dissemination. Patricia Mergen presented a report on the outcomes and mid-term review of the Sterna Project. On Wednesday, 18 November 2009 the workshops on architecture and content continued. Lizzy Komen presented a demo of Europeana content ingestion and content checker. Five working groups were established to further work on content management, use cases, and metadata. The main meeting was finished by 15:00, although the Communication Working Group and Technology Management Board continued in parallel sessions.