BHL-Europe Project and Technical Management Meeting

Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

The main goal of the meeting was to review the work plan and plan the next months of the project towards the first technical review of BHL-Europe in May 2010. The meeting was designed as a work group meeting with a small number of participants to work efficiently on the various deliverables. We reviewed and approved the deliverables of month 9 of the project and detailed the steps towards the deliverables of month 12 of the project. The product descriptions were prepared and the team members were assigned to be responsible for the deliverable preparation. In side meetings, we prepared the content provider and use case meeting that is scheduled for March 2010 in Vienna. In another side meeting we revised and completed the questionnaire for the first large user survey that is one of our important deliverables of the near future. This user survey will be launched on 15 March 2010 and will be opened for more than four weeks to all of our target users. The main goal of the survey is the review.