BHL-Europe dissemination activities

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Several partners participated in various institutional or project meetings and conferences to represent BHL-Europe with talks and poster presentations. BHL-Europe also co-organised the conference „Deutsches Kulturerbe auf dem Weg in die Europeana“ (German Cultural Heritage for Europeana). From 4-5 October 2010, the German Europeana project partners, members of the German Digital Library, and altogether about 200 members of German archives, museums, and libraries met in the Berlin State Library. The aim of that conference was to get an overview of the projects, their tools, services, workflows and best practice in order to identify synergies and discuss the development of digital infrastructures for the German cultural heritage. All information including abstracts are available online under (in German). BHL-Europe is now also present in the anniversary exhibition of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin from 14 September 2010 to 27 February 2011 with a large multimedia station including a 2-minutes video showing an interview of the BHL-Europe project coordinator explaining the objectives and benefits of BHL-Europe